Cartis Payments Boosts your CloudSuite ERP Utility and Value

Cartis Payments Boosts your CloudSuite ERP Utility and Value

The need to integrate sales and business information sees a big push toward APIs and other ways to link apps and data. Finding the best of breed for each feature, business need or asset should be a key focal point as your organization grows.

Buyers and operations managers won’t find everything they are looking for when researching IT service applications like ERPs and productivity applications. However, thanks to the growth in interoperability and connectivity between apps and services, building out an ideal solution for ecommerce, retail or sales services can be a quick-step process.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) services are the swiss army knives of businesses for companies of all sizes, and the tool of choice for digital businesses looking to grow fast. SMBs are adopting them just as fast as traditional enterprises, and can benefit from features like AI, cloud and integrations without spending a fortune.

But some buyers might still be hung-up on old notions like ERPs are hard to update, they come with hidden costs and big-project delays. The reality, suggests otherwise with less than 10% of customers seeing experiencing time and budget issues.

ERPs like CloudSuite were traditionally aimed at manufacturers and producers, but are now focused on digital businesses like fashion, food and beverage, finance, retail and distribution, hospitality and service industries. Even so, while your CloudSuite or other ERP is loaded with features from day one, and provides a raft of improvements and new features through regular updates, they might not have all of the technical features your business needs.

And while your ERP vendors might be focusing on adding AI features to their products, take Microsoft’s addition of Copilot to Dynamics 365, they are less likely to be focused on practical features like improving chargeback performance and

Making Your Digital Business Apps Work Together

If your business is in need of tools to deal with transaction payments, fraud, and chargebacks. You will need extra features, and Cartis Payments is compatible with CloudSuite to deliver solutions that finance and technical managers can benefit from.

For example, CloudSuite provides project management, production planning, inventory, and supply chain management out of the box, with customer service. Financial departments benefit from Controller links to ledger transactions, financial reports, and dashboards showing the latest key booking, shipping, and revenue figures among other data.

CloudSuite can also produce chargeback reports for accounts receivables, but isn’t particularly hot on online retail sales, for example, point of sale (POS) is limited to your local currency. Here, Cartis comes into play with more flexible tools to handle retail chargebacks, and speedily manage an automated process to resolve issues with banks.

That should leave customers, partners, and banks happier, long before an ERP has pushed a chargeback voucher along its process tree. Businesses, particularly merchants and online retailers, will find the right solution that delivers time, reputation, and financial savings working alongside their ERP or other business applications.

Growing Your Business Through ERP

Somewhere between the early rush to growth and finding a stable footing, most businesses will try a mix of software services and solutions to control their functions, data, and processes. Using a powerful ERP is a proven way to boost growth, but firms need to focus on the 80/20 rule, where 80% of processes are largely static, and the other 20% are ripe for innovation.

By maximizing efficiency, delivering new business opportunities, and driving growth in these areas, businesses can compete better and maintain their customer base. By integrating the likes of Cartis Payments into ERP systems, the pain of chargebacks becomes something more manageable, and those happier partners and customers are more likely to remain with you.

And making it easier to reconcile your sales with accounts, orders, and suppliers, the business as a whole will run in a more harmonious manner. Making it easier to identify any discrepancies or trends among sales.

For more information about Cartis, get in touch with our payments experts to find out how we can help drive your sales to the next level.