Cartis Payments’ Arsenal of Tools/Services to Protect Against Fraudulent Transactions

As a business owner, you know that all kinds of negative things can happen that lead to loss of revenue, such as supply chain interruptions, product defects, catastrophic weather events, and customer returns to name a few. But perhaps the costliest form of loss occurs at the sale itself: Credit card fraud.

Credit card fraud is big business, costing U.S merchants an estimated $40 billion each year from chargebacks due to fraud. A February 2021 publication by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Consumer Sentinel Network Annual Data Book of 2020:

  • During 2020, fraud accounted for 393,207of nearly 1.4 million reports of identity theft
  • The most frequent payment method identified in fraud reports was credit cards
  • Credit card fraud made up a total of 459,297 reported instances of fraud and identity theft combined in 2020

While you can’t do much about product recalls or natural disasters, you can help protect your business from chargebacks due to fraud by implementing a robust ecommerce fraud prevention tool that we have to offer. 


The What…
Our fraud prevention service combines different levels of automated and manual processes to detect fraudulent activity. Transactions are screened and verified in a matter of seconds. Less than 5% of transactions don’t pass automatic verification and are flagged for manual verification.


The Why…
You spend a lot of time and money checking transactions manually—maybe you’ll catch all the bad ones, maybe you won’t. And while you’re busy chasing down possible fraud, you’re missing opportunities to process good orders and manage your business. As one of the oldest and most well-established fraud detection tools around, we have a robust anti-fraud solution that can screens out the fraudulent transactions and allows the legitimate transactions to complete. That means no chargebacks due to fraud and no hassle, 100% guaranteed.

95% of orders are approved instantly, and the rest manually verified within hours by a team of experts. You’ll enjoy a 99.7% order approval rate for low-risk transactions, and up to a 98.6% order approval rate for high-risk items (industry average 97.9%).


The How…
A combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human scrutiny to quickly examine transactions for possible fraudulent characteristics. Every order, including phone orders, goes through a cutting-edge AI system that uses Persona™ and Dynamic Scoring™ technology to take a deep dive into a customer’s profile and catch any problems.


AI Technology Screening
Advanced machine learning technology uses sophisticated algorithms to examine these transaction characteristics:

  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Behavioral data
  • Purchasing history
  • Issuing bank data
  • Public records

If no red flags come up, the transaction is approved in as little as two minutes.


Expert Security Agent Screening
It goes a step further to catch and prevent fraud. If the AI technology detects anything suspicious, it flags the transaction and then passes it on to highly trained security agents to conduct in-depth, hands-on research to make a determination.


Benefits for You and Your Customers
Fast Screening – You’ll have an answer within two minutes of when the order is placed.

Reliability – you get the expertise of the fraud detection industry’s oldest and most trusted brand.

Customized Service – a personalized service, tailored to your business. You’ll receive same-day response from a dedicated account manager who will work with you every step of the way.

Free Platform Integration – We will integrate this solution with your ecommerce platform for you at no cost and no commitment. If you have a custom site, we will help your developer get set up and running in a couple of hours.

Increased Revenue / Decreased Fraud Loss – When you can accept all orders with confidence, you could see up to a 30% revenue increase as well as a decrease in chargebacks due to fraud.

Worry-free Cross Border Sales – If the threat of fraud is keeping you from doing business internationally, this tool will allow you to expand into new markets with confidence.


Win the Fight Against Fraud
Partnering with Cartis Payments as your merchant services provider and integrating fraud prevention tools will enable you to accept all transactions with confidence. Call today to learn more about how to protect your business from the risk of chargebacks due to fraud.

For more information on fighting online fraud, see our article on 3D Secure 2.0