How ERPs Can Support Your Chargeback Management Services

How ERPs Can Support Your Chargeback Management Services

Retail transactions are taking place over an ever-growing set of platforms. Traditional e-commerce stores have evolved into two-click apps for a takeout order, or customers are making a grocery order verbally through their smart home assistant.

Now, automated orders take place as bots help restock their business at the best price and the most convenient time for their supply chain. And with social commerce taking more of the retail market, the variety of transactions will only continue to grow.

Once the order is made and vanishes into the digital ether, the customer doesn’t care, as long as the order turns up on time and the right amount of money is deducted from their account. For the business, however, it is the start of a long journey for data and revenue across multiple services.

And if there’s a chargeback issue, that can drag on for some time and cause additional impacts to the business.

Can an ERP Keep the Chargebacks at Bay?

The best way for a business to manage its stocks, orders, money and services is through an ERP. The likes of Infor’s CloudSuite is well-rated by users according to reviewers at IT analyst firm Gartner, helping businesses achieve their goals and drive business growth through well-organized management and strategy.

CloudSuite comes with various tools common to most businesses and specific features for verticals like retailers, manufacturers, and service organizations. Using Amazon AWS for the cloud, it is always up-to-date, highly secure and regularly improved with requested features that businesses need to expand their operations.

CloudSuite can be adopted easily, or Infor’s teams can support adoption, migration and integration with existing services. For example, Infor recently partnered with Foresight Retail to

to “help fashion brands and retailers improve inventory management and better balance supply to demand, and thereby avoid stock-outs, markdowns, obsolete inventory.”

The partnership delivers “financial planning, range planning for different sales channels, forecasting, inventory allocation, and replenishment. Foresight Retail’s modern solution offers preconfigured accelerators to cover standard planning needs and help speed deployment — with a possibility to fine-tune as needed to suit unique needs.”

But no ERP, including CloudSuite, can do everything. And that’s where Cartis’s Chargeback tools integrate seamlessly into CloudSuite to help automate and speed up chargeback management and resolution.

Cartis to the Chargeback Rescue

Helping ensure efficient payment processing and chargeback management, Cartis’s service helps minimize the amount spent on these costs and reduces the time lag that can leave customers and banks unhappy.

While CloudSuite and other ERPs typically ship with risk mitigation and cost management tools, Cartis’s chargeback management service, integrates quickly with CloudSuite using an API, to ensure e-commerce firms have the tools to manage costs and grow.

At Cartis, we focus purely on this side of the commerce equation, delivering fast and efficient services for US retailers and ecommerce brands. Our chargeback service deals with the banks and payment processors on your behalf to speed up the process and minimize cost and risk.

Contact us today to find out how Cartis can deliver the automated payment services (US$/CAN$) that your fast-growing commerce and your ERP need to succeed and maintain that focus on profit and growth.