Cartis and Infor: The smarter way to deliver payments for stronger business performance

Modern businesses thrive on three things; data, insights, and automation. Startups obsess over them, enterprises spend years trying to get them all working together, and business leaders rely on them to plan and strategize. 

Sales are the growth engine for most businesses, and eCommerce is taking an increasing percentage of transactions. This means that all companies need fast, scalable and secure payment processing partners. But, that can be far down on the long list of things to do for firms focused on product growth or digital transformation.  

As digital business becomes the typical way that all companies work, experience from years of firms adopting cloud-based digital technology highlights the need for a common set of tools, one that:

  • Manages these elements with a focus on ease of use for all workers.
  • Presents information in a clear, complete, and timely way. 
  • Avoids the digital black holes of data silos, shadow IT, and security risks. 

Enterprise giants typically rely on tools from a range of vendors for applications that work together (they like to use the word seamlessly, but often require a patchwork of fixes) to provide that one truth. But many growing companies invest time in finding the one partner that can do it all from the outset, typically focused on one market or providing a range of functions and tools that support each vertical.

Using the cloud helps reduce infrastructure costs and creates a scalable and manageable environment for the business to work with as it grows, with high uptime and strong security. Rapid and regular updates mean the business always has access to the latest features like AI and analytic services, and does not have to worry about complex in-house upgrades. 


Introducing business the Infor CloudSuite way
Infor is a 21st-century solution provider that has been delivering its CloudSuite solution to businesses large and small around the world since 2014. CloudSuite is delivered through Amazon AWS to make it easy to deploy, manage and scale, with versions covering manufacturing, health, consumer, energy, government, and banking and financial services industries.

Infor CloudSuite provides features to manage production and distribution, operations, expense controls, and other key areas. Within CloudSuite, there are links for dedicated features that your business might need such as payment processing, taxation, product shipping, CAD for product designs, and electronic data interchange (EDI) translators to bring all your data together.

If your business lacks the IT skills to work out third-party integrations, then there are a huge number of Infor product implementors and service providers who can build the complete system you need. (see our list of service providers and integrators [or partners can put their logo and link here])

For integrators looking to appeal to a broader financial or retail market, the addition of payment processor facilities is a must-have to ensure a well-rounded service. One that the customer can use for speedy and efficient business while catching and managing transactions that require further investigation. 

For businesses that use Infor, it can be easy to overlook the existence of integrated payment processor tools across the likes of Infor M3, Syteline, CloudSuite Industrial, and other applications. If you are already an Infor customer, then Cartis is an easy integration to enable fast, cost effective processing while automatically handling chargebacks and simplifying error handling. 

With a fully-fledged payment module for Infor applications, Cartis provides comprehensive eCommerce transactions, fraud protection, global acceptance of payments, multi-currency support, deposits to US and Canadian accounts, reporting for account reconciliation, plus support for Level 2 and Level 3 processing to reduce transaction costs. 

As payment optimization specialists, Cartis is on your side when it comes to transactions and works with the majority of card providers and banks to provide a seamless payments service. 


The changing eCommerce landscape
Sales through eCommerce continue to boom with fast-growing business and consumer transactions. That growth is fuelled by direct-to-consumer business sales, increasing sales through chatbots, smart speakers, machine-to-machine transactions, and other innovations. 

All firms need to be able to manage ever larger volumes of sales that scale with the business. And as digital marketplaces and cryptocurrencies become a more common trading option, businesses need to be able to flexibly respond to the next stablecoin and other trends. 

Whatever comes next, an easy-to-evolve cloud service will be a faster and smoother option for most firms, rather than developing their own costly tools. 

Payment processor partners can take much of the strain off companies, bringing down the cost of transactions and ensuring they are ready for the next trends in transactions, whatever the market or changes in buyer trends. 

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