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The Power of Infor Cloudsuite to Improve Business and Payment Performance

Infor’s CloudSuite is a vertically-focused collection of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. It enables a business to link its data together to be more efficient across financials, supply chains, HR, and product lifecycles. CloudSuite’s value comes from helping customers understand company performance, and learn where data, products, components, and people can work better.

Be it a global automotive brand, a bakery provider or a fashion house in Canada, or a chilled goods distribution firm in North America, CloudSuite has huge numbers of users. CloudSuite helps them identify areas of operational weakness or where value can be uncovered.

Most users are based around its core offerings of distribution, manufacturing, and services. Many have upgraded from previous Infor products like Infor M3, SyteLine, and Nexus, while others will have adopted it to replace either monolithic in-house services or a mix of applications that no longer work well together.

Like all companies, Infor likes to tout its big enterprise customers, but there are thousands of smaller businesses that use it to experience the benefits of the cloud, the regular feature updates, and the ability to tailor it to their market or services.

The Need to Share Across Digital Business

Whatever the size, companies are looking for services that can handle as much of their digital needs as possible, without suffering from vendor lock-in. As a growing organization, Infor is pushing CloudSuite across growth markets, and looking to make it relevant to increasingly digital businesses that lack an industrial history.

Being cloud-first or cloud-native is key to these companies, and using best-of-breed services (which is why so many firms are on Slack, Zoom, or WordPress) and a typical part of their DNA. Even financial firms with strong compliance rules are primarily moving to the cloud to avoid costly capital investment in servers and data centers.

Ensuring CloudSuite can work within, or alongside, these applications is a growing part of the digital business landscape. Where apps work together, data can flow, and data analytics efforts become stronger. That’s a key driver for growth in any organization, monitoring sales performance, and trends, and identifying risk.

And, as digital sales grow, with automated payments increasing in volume with AI applications making orders on a company’s behalf, there is a new generation of payment types that need management, requiring partners that are flexible and adaptable bringing new services online ahead of the game.

Applications also need to ensure customer and identifiable data remains secure, even as they transit servers and applications. This is key for financial and services businesses, that must meet various privacy and compliance requirements, such as PIPEDA, and CCPA among many others.

Why CloudSuite and Cartis Payments Work Together

Even though CloudSuite, or comparable services from other IT giants, come with a stack of features and services, they do not offer everything that a market or business needs to compete. Notably, they can lack in the financial services and volume payments areas, where most productivity suites can be behind the curve. Fortunately, CloudSuite is directly integrated to the CenPOS gateway.  Cartis Payments supports fully integrated payments along with chargeback management through the CenPOS payment gateway.   

Cartis Payments provides payment processing services for digital and high-growth businesses where fast payment management, chargeback management, and other tools are an integral part of eCommerce efforts. With millions of transactions per day for large companies, there can be no pause for updates or downtime. Instead, every feature and aspect has to work, and that requires specialist knowledge not found in general service applications.

Cartis Payments delivers that knowledge and expertise to a global market of customers, whether they use CloudSuite or other productivity and ERP applications.  Delivering fraud protection, currency management, chargebacks, and other features, Cartis Payments supports integrated ecommerce and payment solutions, through a single API across North America for safe and secure payments, and greater analytics.

Whatever your business plans, tools like Infor CloudSuite deliver a strong and integrated package of tools to drive productivity and efficiency forward, as proven by the many business success stories and case studies. And Cartis Payments will play a key role in delivering the payments features of any solution you need in an increasingly competitive world.

See how Cartis Payments can fit into your applications and deliver the best payments service.